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GASMS-Anna Press

I'm in a University student in Toronto, Canada. I'm doing a double major: studying Cognitive Science and Education. I find both programs fairly interesting, luckily.

I live near a ravine, which is nice because I take my dog on walks fairly often. It's getting really cold here right now, so I have to make sure I'm prepared before leaving the house. I think it's important to protect the environment because by destroying it we're being selfish, and not thinking about the future of humans OR animals.

I feel like Toronto is devouring itself. Just like many other cities it needs to feed into the growing amount of people wishing to live within it, so it's constantly spreading. The borders are unclear at this point, because of the GTA. What's most unfortunate is that with this urban sprawl, the desire to create housing (and generate profit) is causing beautiful forests to be torn down. Even near my house, which is in the suburbs, people tried to develop the remaining part of the ravine, but a large battle was waged to keep it. Luckily we won and it still stands, clearly enjoyed by all residents of the area, especially the dogs and various other animals.