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GASMS-Eva Olhoff

Country: Denmark

Organisation: Oxford Health Alliance

My name is Eva Olhoff, I’m Danish and I work for the Oxford Health Alliance international activities with particular focus on Nordic activities. I have a background in Political Science and have worked and studied in the United States, France and Spain.


I work with outreach activities and stakeholder partnerships particularly around initiatives linking health promotion to Business processes, retail, behavioral change programmes, and the built environment. I also work closely with Christine Hancock on workplace health partnership development internationally.

 Healthy business

Activities and projects include dialogues with food and beverage manufacturers and supermarket chains in Denmark around the issue of increasing demand for healthier food and to-go options. In OxHA we are pushing to understand why healthier food products still play a minor role in strategic thinking, and what barriers are to be met in order to pave the way for innovation around healthier food options promotion. Therefore OxHA also works to develop business solutions that link health promotion, healthier products to new innovative ways of profiting from encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Any international input or case examples are welcome that support the healthy supermarket trend. Childhood obesity prevention programmes

Activities include collaboration with several Danish municipalities with regards to their effort in combating childhood obesity locally. In this process OxHA has partnered on submitting a funds application to the Danish state in order to develop a strong community based intervention programme based on evidence and documented behavioral change. The effort revolves around the translation of the UK developed MEND programme with a view to offer the programme to as many local community settings in Denmark’s as possible.

Any input on similar programmes or ‘healthy school’ programmes for young adults in the ages 15-20 are welcome, because this age-group is hard but important to reach with programmes that have shown previous results.  Healthier Nordic built environments

Activities around building a dialogue platform where health promoters, designers, architects and city planners can meet and discuss the challenges, opportunites and innovative ideas around linking health promotion, physical activity incentives to the built environment. There are many technical and academic issues around aesthetics, the enlargement of cities, accessibility and know-how that need to be addressed in order to challenge a new thinking where health promotion becomes an integrated part of city planners and architects’ toolbox and mindset.

Any international input or case examples are welcome that illustrate a nice integration of the disciplines of Public Health and Architecture, that also take into account how the health challenges around the built environment differ between say the Nordic countries, North American and Asia. 

 Please do contact me if you have any comments or ideas that could inform the above thoughts and activities.

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