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GASMS-Soufiane savianty

Some People Argue for the Development, They are against stagnation, they believe in The Constant Change and go Hand In Hand with it. They Consider Staying Behind it is a Terrible Waste of time, My name's Soufiane and I'm one of this People, a Moroccan YPeer and an active youth since 2002 in two moroccan youth associations, AMJCS " Association Marocaine des Jeunes Contre le SIDA" Moroccan Youth Association Against AIDS and 2AJ "Association Action Jeunesse" Youth Action Association. I'm a Graphic Designer artist, a computer industriel and maintenance technicien and a leader world in TLW Online Magazine On August 10, 2005 I got an AWARD for sustained commitment, innovation and substantial impact in the social stewardship, I participated in AFS - EFIL STUDY VISIT TO MOROCCO 23-27 Feb 2006 and in Arab Youth Workshop Morocco Algerian Youth Initiative, Rabat, Morocco 3-8 Mars 2006, I drawing also the biggest artwork paint in the world for fighting AIDS in Festival "Spring Without AIDS" Organised and programed by AMJCS association and I'm also the responsable of GAWA Fusion music band, its a music band that I formed from volunteers youth from AMJCS association since 2005 and now we are almost famous and we played in so many music concerts and youth festivals around Morocco, you can check all about my music band, pictures, music, video and even some magazines and newspapers articles on For more please, visit my own artwork page