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GASMS-Sarrafzadegan Nizal

Professor Nizal Sarrafzadegan (Iran) is the founder director of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center, a WHO Collaborating Centre in the Middle East and director of the Isfahan Healthy Heart Program, a comprehensive national programme of 10 interventional projects in chronic disease prevention and health promotion. The projects target different groups throughout the community – women, young people, worksites, schools, the food industry – and emphasise healthy nutrition, tobacco control, physical activity and stress management. Her areas of expertise include: - Diet/nutrition - Obesity (specifically abdominal obesity and metabolic syndrome) - Physical activity - Tobacco control (waterpipe as well as cigarettes) - Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome - Developing countries, particularly the Eastern Mediterranean - Prevention in schools - Design and evaluation/monitoring of interventional strategies - Youth issues - Public health policy - Fundraising - Public-private partnerships - Lobbying and political influence - Workplace prevention