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GASMS-Mehrdad Yazdani

I am Mehrdad Yazdani, Director of Media & Technology of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center (ICRC). I am a host of medical and health talk shows on Iran television. You can watch my shows online by clicking HERE. I have designed and currently maintain the websites of ICRC and Isfahan Healthy Heart Program, as well as the website of the Vice Chancellery for Research of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IUMS). I also develop multimedia presentations, such as this one(zipped executable flash presentation) about Iran, Isfahan, and IUMS. I have anchored Isfahan News in English for Iran TV for almost 10 years (click HERE to watch).

Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center (ICRC), is a WHO collaborating center for Research & Training in Cardiovascular Disease Control, Prevention and Rehabilitation for Cardiac Patients in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) [ -]

This center has conducted the internationally known Isfahan Healthy Heart Program (IHHP) [ -], a comprehensive 6-year action-oriented integrated community-based intervention program for non-communicable diseases prevention and health promotion.

Our mission as a WHO collaborating center requires that we take proactive steps towards disseminating knowledge on control and prevention of non-communicable diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, through training health experts in the EMR on community-based initiatives applicable to developing countries.


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