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GASMS-Maheen Dhanda

I am 24 years old,currentlyresiding in the southern ciy of Bangalore in India.I am working with an non government orgnisation called EQUATIONS which is involved in research,campaigning and advocacy in tourism related to issues such as sustainability in planing and policy making and impacts of tourism. My educational background includes a bachelors degree in hospitality and a masters in tourism management and planning.I am a fairly welltravelled person when compared to the average India having worked in China,studied in the UK,visited scotland and france and travelled and stayed in various parts if India. These experiance have enable me to lean about the lifestyles and cultures of various people in India, which i have drawn from in writing the text entry for the competition.

My interest in the field of health is more personal as I strongly believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is a result of 2 aspects of my upbringing. One of growing up in defence camps(my father is a pilot in the airforce)with all the possible amenities in terms of infrastructure for a healthy environment. The other is that of inculcating a healthy lifestyle through the example of my parents who have always encouraged education and served as good role models. Also a contributory factor is that of indian culture and practicing yoga,mediation and ayurveda which help in preventing many diseases.

In my opinion one of the most crucial factors in making an urban space more healthy is government responsibility and accountability in creating a healthy infrastructure,funding public health awareness programs and enforcing environmental regulations like ban on plastics,smoking, control of vehicular emissions etc.