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GASMS-Colin Rose

I am community cardiologist practising in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

After graduating from McGill University I did three years of research in microvascular physiology looking at trancapillary exchange then joined the Cardiology Division at the Montreal General Hospital. For many years I did cardiac catheterizations and coronary angiograms but when angioplasty became the rage I refused to do them until there was a controlled trial proving efficacy particularly in stable CAD. When none was forthcoming I quit the catheterization business. Of course, from good controlled trials in stable CAD we now know that angioplasities and coronary  bypasses do not prolong life and do not prevent infarctions. Bypasses are indicated only for severe, intractable symptoms, a rare occurence.

When statins were introduced in 1987 I was very sceptical that they would result in any long term benefit because they would be regarded as a panacea, obviating any need for vigilance in lifestyle choices. Again I was right. We now have a pandemic of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. So, I now spend my time advising patients on how to avoid bypasses and angioplasties and get off of drugs for lifestyle diseases. For more information see my web site, blog and photo essay: