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GASMS-Barry Crispp

Founder of,Barry Crisp is a graduate of Creative Writing & Journalism fromMiddlesex University, London. He works as a freelance journalist, videodirector and English tutor in Japan. Barry's aims for wereinspired by everyday social interaction and in the hope to deepen ourknowledge of cross-cultures. 

Once an actor, Barry excelledand participated in many performances both national and international.And as a member of the National Union of Journalists, The JapanSociety, 3Four50, and i-genius, Barry has an enthusiastic interest inthe cultural similarities and differences, and health awareness issuesbetween the UK and Japan.
Through a creative medium(video and journalism), Barry hopes to make the world more aware of theenvironmental, cultural and health issues that effect and surround useveryday.

"The world is full of energy,and therefore the ripples we make no matter how big or small, willsomeday be heard and felt by the masses". BC 

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