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GASMS- Fiona Wong

I am an associate with MATRIX Public Health Consultants. I completed a Master in International health at the University of Copenhagen in 2006. I am part to the evaluation team working to develop the evaluation of OxHA’s Community Action Project to Prevent Chronic Diseases (CAPCoD). The lessons that will be collected from the CAPCoD project will move us closer to identifying effective strategies in developing sustainable and effective chronic disease interventions in developing countries.

My move into chronic disease developed from my interest in the links between health and development. A majority of health burdens in both developed and developing countries disproportionately affects those who have the least access to treatment and care. Investment in prevention is essential to rectifying the health inequities we see in all societies.

Previously I had completed fieldwork in Vellore India, examining local health systems and risk factors associated with low birth weight, as well in Kep Cambodia, assessing risk factors for HIV/AIDS in rural populations.
I have also worked in the WHO Regional European office on STI epidemiology and surveillance.



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Marketing of healthy food options to kids

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Images of advertisements in Times Square

Images of advertisements in Times Square


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